About LifePlus

Your pioneer health and beauty well-being
one-stop shop.


Enriching Health,
Enhancing Beauty

In the industry of wellness, we want to make a mark for our stakeholders,our consumers, our teams, and our country. Together as the brand and experience of service bring this to reality, we will prove that there is more to life. With the good
health for weakness the beauty in everyday, everyone get into the best
health and strive for  beautiful confidence that together, we call our own.

Our Mission

To set out as pioneers for health, beauty, and overall well-being. We aim to provide excellent service for our customers. By offering extensive products fit for Myanmar consumers, we aspire to win big as we grow together with our business partners.

In this process, we educate and enrich the Myanmar consumers’ knowledge and experience on how to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Our Vision

As a company, we want to be able to provide accessible and reliable healthcare needs to the people of Myanmar. As a brand, we want to be first in mind as retail landscape leaders for pharmacy, health & beauty lifestyle needs across Myanmar.

As a pioneer  health & beauty lifestyle, we want to improve the state of wellness for the people of Myanmar.

Our Market

We understand that the landscape or health and beauty care in Myanmar is not perfect. The consumers’ needs are constantly evolving with information. The gap in availability in most stores and retail chains is a true concern-unless the brand has properly broken into Myanmar, the journey of the consumer will stay disconnected
and incomplete.

We will be the pioneer, where our market learns from, and for this newfound appreciation
Myanmar Wellness.

Our Stores

We believe that establishing a retail chain of stores can truly shake up, challenge, and ultimately improve the Myanmar market-teaching them to appreciate and demand for the right health and beauty wellness for themselves, and their families. We aim to deliver this by offering an extensive selection of healthcare and beauty needs, from  internationally renowned products and world class local brands.

We will be the pioneer on which the foundations for an over appreciation of health and beauty, and the new Myanmar wellness.

Our Brands

As a Myanmar health company, we proudly create, develop, and push local brands that catch up and meet with global standards. While being able to offer renowned international brands. LIFES aims to elevate the market and push the thought that as a nation, we are capable in learning, understanding, and affecting global trends with research and development.

We will be the launchpad brands that can take over the world.

Our People

We believe in empowering the Myanmar people. With the goal to learn global best practices for service and knowledge in health, beauty, and wellness, we aim to teach, train, and trust our teams with the abilities to be our primary ambassadors. We believe our people are also our brand, hence we believe that training them, and helping them reach their full potentials will not only elevate them as individuals, but elevate the ideals, purposes, and values LIFEPLUS stands for.

We will be the nest for the next generation of service and success-driven Myanmar team.